Vacationing The EZ Way

I entered a contest on the radio to win a trip to the Bahamas for three days and two nights. I never win anything but it seemed exciting to enter. Well, it turns out that I won. There was only one problem. I cannot take more than two consecutive days off of work without a doctor’s note. I did some research and found a company that sells an authentic-looking, fake doctors note online. I looked at the note and it looked so impressive that I decided to give it a try. You can check one for yourself at a Jaseemumer article. This site has tons of positive feedbacks from vacation-seeker like me.

Before going on my vacation I purchased an downloaded the dr excuse note. All I had to do was customize the excuse note with my name, date, and other information that was relevant to me. I printed the note out and looked it over. There was the real name of a hospital, medical condition excusing me from work for three days, and the signature and medical license number of a doctor. The doctors note looked so good that I thought it was real.
I went on vacation and every morning called my employer to let them know I was not feeling well. They reminded me on the third day that I needed a note from the doctor to return to work. When I got home I looked the note over once again. I felt confident enough to give it to my boss.


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The next day at work my boss asked me how I was feeling and I showed him the note. He looked it over and said he was going to pass it to human resources for my file. He filled me in on what I had missed. I am so glad I found this excuse note. I got to go on vacation and not get in trouble.