Tips for Using a Doctor’s Note Template

the notes of a doctor
the notes of a doctor

Occasionally one just needs a mental health day or two. But then what is going to do when the boss, school teacher and coach starts to demand evidence of your made-up sickness? A few tips would help:

Use a good template. If you are able to find genuine, top-quality doctor’s note templates online, it’s simple to personalize the template into something which might work well for you. Ensure that you don’t choose one that could easily be recognized as a fake. Learn to make your own fake physician’s document/form to use as an excuse.

The finest lies are usually seasoned with some truth. Therefore, pluck something factual from your own past. If you have actually in the past been a victim of some food poisoning, you could lie more easily about similar symptoms, possible side effects and the recovery times. If you need a fake doctors note for work, then go to

To add strength to the story, let your note be issued by a consultant rather than just any random ER doctor. For instance, if your purported excuse is a heart episode, indicate that you saw a cardiologist.

Every believable story requires evidence, to make your story acceptable create a dr. note so that your boss/teacher would not suspect a thing.

When faking your doctor’s name, stay away from using anything obvious and generic. Nobody will buy that a “Dr. John Smith” truly approved your off for a whole month due to a runny nose. Try making a doctor’s note to help you leave work.

It will appear suspicious if you you’ve been given a total off-work-note. Make it look like the doctor, in fact, wants you back to your normal routine. For instance, avoid a note that forbids any heavy lifting; in its place, approve “light duty under supervision.” If you need a fake doctor’s note template, go here.