Sample of a Real or Fake Doctor’s Note – How to Recognize It

In discussing the sample of a doctor’s note, it is pertinent we understand what a doctor’s note is. This note is by law to be issued by doctor describing that a patient is ill and should not be work for a day or couple of days to get better.

There are real doctor’s notes and there are fake doctors note. Real doctor’s notes are issued and signed by licensed medical doctors after diagnosing truly that a patient is sick. Fake doctor’s note can still be signed by a real licensed doctor who decides to take extra money from a patient and issue him or her a sick note even though patient is not truly sick.

More so, a doctor can give a sick note to a patient if he decides to bend the rules and ignore the ethics of the medical profession. Fake doctor’s notes can also be provided by companies that operate online where users can pay and download. These companies do research and design a doctors excuse that looks so real and could be approved by the employer or school authority.

If you are going for real or fake doctor’s note, it is important you get to know the format in which this document comes. If you have had course to be issued with this note, then you must have seen the sample of this note, if not, then a sample should have the following details:

  • Letterhead of Hospital or Doctor
  • Name, gender, and age of patient
  • Date and Time of diagnosis
  • Message area where details of diagnosis are highlighted and where prescriptions of medications and days for no work are stated.
  • Signature of the doctor.

A typical sample of a doctor’s note should come with the above details, and in most cases, the message area is written in letter form. This means it begins with Dear Sir/Madam and ends in Sincerely. However, take note that it may sometimes need to vary in style and format like in this okgugu’s doctors note sample but the important information MUST be included. Go to for more information about fake doctor’s note

In conclusion, if you are still not sure of how to recognize a doctor’s note, there are free samples of this note you can access from the Internet. There are companies that sell fake doctors notes, and you can check out their samples so you know what to expect.

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