How To Successfully Freeze Fat At Home

Freeze Fat at Home

If you wanted to get rid of fat cells within your body usually it would mean having to take a trip to the plastic surgeon. There they would evaluate you to see if you would be a good candidate for removing fat surgically. Recently scientists have come up with a way to freeze fat cells out of the body. The process is less invasive. But sill required a trip to the office. Now you can perform the same procedure right in the comfort of your own home.  You can discover more at

How The System Works
The term freezing fat cells is used correctly here, no metaphors going on there. Fat cells are more sensitive than other tissues in the body when it comes t reacting or lack of, to the lower temperatures so no other cell in your body dies but the fatty ones. This process is known as cool sculpting. How this works is there is a suction applicator that attaches to your bulges filled with fat cells through the power of suction. The machine sends cool temperatures within the deep tissue thus destroying the life out those fatty cells. The dead fat cells are then carried into the lymph nodes releasing the fat cells as waste. The clinical term for this procedure is Cryolopoysis. The temperature has to be between +5 and -5 degrees Celsius for the procedure to work correctly and effectively.

More On Cryolipolsis
The price for this non invasive, fat dissolving procedure to be done is anywhere between $750 to $1500. The time that it takes is between 45 minutes to an hour, and usually takes 2 to 3 months to start to see the desired results approaching.

DIY Coolsculpting
If you are a more private person and would like to have this procedure done in the privacy of your own home there are coolsculpting at home kits available for you to purchase. Now the procedure becomes even more less invasive, you with your own hands freeze fat at home, and is much less costly.

Coolsculpting With Ice Packs
This is not the recommended way to try coolsculpting. First off the temperature has to remain between +5 and -5 degrees Celsius for an hour. Clamps are involved and the results are less guaranteed then with the coolsculpting kit and even less promising then going to a clinic to get the procedure done by a professional.